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Negro cassava farm

Negro cassava farm

Let us drive hunger away from our community through youth empowerment

Olanipekun Adewale



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Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches

Clean the beaches today for a better tomorrow!

Deevesh Gokool


Belle Mare

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Mombasa college

Mombasa college

Locally and internationally recognized college operating since 1953

Head Director



ROI: 1162%

$18.92 per share

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Rising sun montessori school

Education for the young ones from nursery to primary

Phillip Mugabi

by Phillip Mugabi


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Trade-exchange bitcoin

Invest in the bitcoin trading business and receive high returns

Vinu Ghimire

by Vinu Ghimire


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Hand made decorations for the home and more

Mariusz Matuszewski

by Mariusz Matuszewski


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