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Java game development framework

Java game

Developing a cross-platform Java game framework based on OpenGL for Windows

Shinichi Uchide



ROI: 551%

$8.27 per share

3d bathroom tiles design

3d bathroom tiles

Dealing in the best design for bathroom and toilets in penthouse and flats

Oseni Damilare



ROI: 1364%

$17.38 per share

Brai flow records

Brai flow records

Producer Phill Mugabi International Mobile Audio Recording and music production

Phillip Mugabi



ROI: 1635%

$20.42 per share

online earn money free sites

’online earn money free sites’
you can get profit online from many free sites , these websites depends on advertisements , when you clicks on the adv. you must wait at least 30 second then the owner will get money and you will get a percent , thats how almost all of the websites done and people earn money like this .

another way to get profit online that you can build a blogger or a website (if you are a programmer) or you can buy one , then you will make some kind of Services to rise your visitors to this website ,then after that you use google adsence to put some ads like banners or something like that and each click on this ads you will get a money ..
i hope you a good luck .. <3

Lucky paw (save the street dogs)

If you afraid, dont do anything if you do, dont be afraid

Dulguun Bilegt

by Dulguun Bilegt


$15.57 per share


We are Startup company in North India for designing and Digital services

Arvind Mishra

by Arvind Mishra


$22.00 per share

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