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Am so happy to be recruited into fast2earn business as it will change my life soon by making a lot if money.

1 year ago Antoinette said:

But why are u not saying anything cause we talking about money here I have already paid R1000 for shares I dont have please support make a plan...cause on contact u did automatic respond nd your email doesn't allow me to send messages what's wrong with Fast2earn

1 year ago Antoinette said:

Morning All ... It seems as if you dont want to sort my problem out ...I tried again by buying some shares it does the very same thing I deposited R300 buying 5 shares nd I had balance in my account bought again 1 share..but guys why your system is not allowing me to finish the transaction...So to cut a long story short owe me 19 shares please sort my matter out.The transactions dated 16th...17...23...24 March

1 year ago Antoinette said:

Am Antoinette Mametse am not happy about what transpired....on the 15march I have deposited R600 at altcointrader account..R500 for 11 shares and R100 for 2 shares and everything was completed from altcointrader but on Fast2earn my 13 shares are not available..please check my dashboard and the system fro your side what happened..I need those 13 shares please sort this problem for me cause it seems as if no one want to sort this problem out...Am writing on de topic cause when I contact you guys it goes straight to automatic response as they dont respond to my problem.