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Khanyisile  Simelane

by Khanyisile Simelane



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Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa. The town attracts the whole country and Africa as a whole to it. People come to Pretoria for studies, businesses, jobs etc. We as a group of young professionals have identified the great need for accomodation of all the different people who flood into Pretoria. We have bought a piece of land to start with and are planning to build blocks of flats on this piece of land. Our project plans to start with one block of 70 students 1 bedrooms apartments. These apartments will be rented out per room. Then in the future expand to building business and working class accomodation.

what do we need

We need Funds to buy the building material, funds for applications of multiple electricity accounts and meters in the municipality. Applications for the municipal water accounts, transport money for the material as well. once we reach a minimum of $5,000 then the project will start running.

who we are

We are a group of young professionals, including; electrician, plumber, bricklayer and constructors. We are determined to use our skills and experiences to start this project. As accomodation is a huge demand in this town we kow that once the flats are built, this will be a huge success. We also plan on spending some of these funds building orphanages and schools for the less privilaged in South Africa especially around the Pretoria area.

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