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Agency of holidays

We give people a holiday, happiness and joy

Olena Sh

by Olena Sh



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Agency of holidays

BRIGHT EVENTS - agency of holidays, truly non-standard and bright solutions for your event! With us your holiday will be remembered for a long time: positive, joyful emotions and impeccable organization.

Agency holidays leaves every guest unforgettable memories!


Our plans for the year

We organize a birthday for big and small, entertain people, make a beautiful show and pay us very well for it. The promotions will help us hire new actors and make even more shows, earning more.

About us and our work

We actors with professional theater education. Once we studied together, now we work together, we give people joy. We are always welcome, because people have a birthday every year, but there are a lot of people on the planet, so we will always have a job.