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With Merchant Tools you can accept cryptocurrency payments from anyone and anywhere in the world.

Create your free merchant account with just an email and password. No setup fees or upfront costs, no time-consuming verification process. In just a few minutes after a registration you will be able accepting cryptocurrency payments on your website.

Our merchant services benefits:

  • 0% (zero percent) transaction fee. No hidden commission or additional charges
  • No verification required, no bank account needed
  • Get payments straight to your bitcoin or litecoin wallet
  • Convert bitcoin or litecoin to USD
  • No fraud purchases, all sales are final

The simplest way to add cryptocurrency payments to your website is a "Payment Button". Your customers click on payment button and easily making payments in cryptocurrency on your website or blog.

You can generate a code for payment buttons on this web page and embedded this code anywhere on your website.

All payments will be deposited directly to your account.

1. Currency:

Bitcoin Bitcoin
Litecoin Litecoin

Select currency for your store. A payment button on your page opens a pop-up window, where your customer can choose preferred crypto-currency and complete payment.

2. Button Style:

Button Color:
Text Color:
Button Size:

Button Caption:

Button Caption:

Type any text that you desire for button caption.


There is an example above, how your button looks like. Click on this button and see how your store works.


This amount in USD will be calculated automatically in cryptocurrency once a customer selects a cryptocurrency.


Use invoice to track which payments are associated with which of your customers. The invoice could be any string of numbers and letters maximum 20 characters length.

"Thank you" webpage:

This URL will be used to redirect your customers to a "Thank you" webpage. Upon a successful purchase, customer will see this web page. On this web page you can put information that the payment has been made.