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Custom made jewelries

We create masterpieces that perfectly captures soul romance

Changchang Wang

by Changchang Wang



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We carry a wide selection of engagement ring mountings, from modern to antique inspired to classic in style. Our mountings are a part of our custom engagement ring process, and serve for a great starting point when the time comes to design a ring.

All of our artwork has a story

Custom jewelry is our specialty. We custom design all kinds of jewelry – wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity bands, all kinds of gemstone rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more. We are experts in restoration of antique and delicate pieces, offering the highest technology as well as an extraordinary level of craftsmanship and experience in everything we do. We do traditional jewelry repairs as well, along with pearl stringing and appraisals.

Many of our customers have old jewelry, from diamond pieces to single earrings or other odds and ends. We help them to pull out old jewelry out of the shadows! Let's use the past to create a beautiful, sparkling future heirloom!

We do custom design with metals of antiquity like gold and silver—as well as more luxurious metals like platinum and palladium. We can employ unique alloys that allow us to create pieces that accommodate aesthetic desires as well as structural integrity, while creating at a number of price points. 

A happier soul, a happier life

All pieces are designed to impact the wearer with positivity and inspirations about life. Each piece carries with it a message to encourage and help one through any adversity or obstacles in life.

What we need and what you get

We need to raise fund in order to continue with the production. The production process is costly for a small quantity to  be manufactured. Hence, we need to raise fund to keep up with the cost of production. All fund raised will be used for cost of production and logistics.

Our Team

With over 10 years of combined jewelry experience, our team is committed to helping our customers with their jewelry needs. While custom jewelry design is our forte, we carry a beautiful selection of fine jewelry and gemstones.

About Custom made jewelries

It all began in Hong Kong when I was a kid. I liked to play with my best friends while my father worked in a small room that he used as his jewelry shop. The noise that always was coming from this room struck my curiosity. Seeing him work and create beautiful pieces of jewelry really caught my attention. So every chance that I got, I would walk into that small room and sit very quietly in a corner. In admiration, I watched as he transformed gold bars, gold wires, and colored stones into precious pieced of art, it was astonishing!
One morning my father was reading the newspaper and had read an advertisement about a school for jewelry. My father offered  me to learn about jewelry at this school, I was very interested so I accepted.
On my first class, the teacher patiently explained me  how to make a ring by marking a lines  on a brass plate, then cut along the overhead lines, bend the metal to make it round, and finally weld it for a finished product. It was my turn to create a ring based on how he had explained it to me, once I put my hand on the tools, everything the teacher had just explained  faded from my mind, all I could visualize was my childhood memories in that magical small room back at my house.
That was all I could visualize at the moment. I studied at three more schools, and got to know and understand the jewelry industry.
As time passed by, my name became well know. It was then that I decided to open jewelry store.