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Make the life easier for farmer no alternative

Adewale Ola

by Adewale Ola



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We involve in selling of Agro allied product such as fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, sprayers, and also give solution to farmers on their crops etc. We do send our representative/consultant to the farmer's farm to help them out of their problems 

what do we need

We need funds to purchase necessary products to meet farmers need this period of invasion of armyworms that destroying farm crops such as tomatoes, maize, beans etc. We are out of products and we need funds to purchase it in large quantity.

who we are

By improving our communication between our partners and customers, their needs can be better understood and we can offer practical, professional solutions and selling of Agro allied products.

J Agrotec offers these services through:

  • Training sessions, field days, and seminars
  • Trials: Scientific trials in cooperation with official bodies and researches centers.
  • Farms visit: Via our professional technical team in the field, to offer technical support for our products  under GOOD AGRICULTURE PRACTICE to  ensure optimum use for these products.
  • Selling of Agro allied products