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The More Referrals contest.
Starts 2019-11-09, ends 2019-12-09

The contest is based on sales from your referrals. The person with the most total referral's revenue will get the Grand Prize. The more revenue your referrals produce the bigger chance for you to be on top.
The contest runs through 2019-12-09 - so you still have plenty of time to get your sales in.
There is nothing you need to do to enter because you already are!
The system is already tracking all sales and the winners will be announced on this page on 2019-12-09.

The winner of of this contest, who brings most number of referrals, receives prize:

Second place prize:

Third place prize:
We count active referrals only. Who is the active referral; a referral who has made total purchases, at least, for $1.00.

How to participate?
Just create account at our site and start promote your "Referral URL". Visit this page periodically to see the results.

We wish you to be a winner!!!

The winners of previous contest:




Place 2: Surezkid , won $133.00

Place 3: Chinedum, won $67.00

1 Osayemen Member since:
29 Oct 2019
Active Referrals: 9
2 Yekeen Member since:
18 May 2019
Active Referrals: 3
3 Mary Member since:
7 Jun 2019
Active Referrals: 3
4 Surezkid Member since:
3 Aug 2019
Active Referrals: 3
5 Monti Member since:
22 Jan 2019
Active Referrals: 2
6 Gantech Member since:
15 Jun 2019
Active Referrals: 2
7 Miss patcharapa​ Member since:
13 Aug 2019
Active Referrals: 2
8 Henry Member since:
9 Aug 2019
Active Referrals: 2
9 Chukwuka Member since:
8 Nov 2019
Active Referrals: 2
10 Amadi Member since:
8 Sep 2019
Active Referrals: 2